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Compact 60 (with Skip Hoist)

Compact 60 (with Skip Hoist)

Containerized Compact Concrete Batching Plant with a Skip Hoist Aggregate Transfer System

Overview of the Compact Concrete Batching Plant

Model : Compact 60 Concrete Batching Plant (with Skip Hoist)

Theoretical Production Capacity : 60 m³/h (30 seconds of mixing, C20 type of Concrete)*

Aggregate Storage Bins : 4 bins total 40 m³ storage capacity

Mixer Capacity : 1.0 m³ compacted Concrete per batch

Total Electrical Power: 90 kW , 50 Hz Frequency


*Technical changes can be made after the final examination of the engineering department.

Designed For Small Areas

SEMIX Compact type batching plants are designed for limited spaces. Our engineering team succeeded in installing a compact type batching plant into the undermining tunnel. Thanks to its design, SEMIX Compact Concrete Batching Plants can be fit into areas with minimal space requirements.

SEMIX Concrete Mixers

In SEMIX Compact 60 Concrete Batching Plants, single shaft , planetary or twin shaft concrete mixers with a 1.0 m³ of output capacity are used. Depending on the required homogeneity level of the concrete produced, either solution can be used in compact concrete batching plants.

Option 1 - 1.0 m³ Single Shaft Mixer
  • Compacted Concrete Per Batch: 1.0 m³
  • Dry Volume: 1.50 m³
  • Motor Power: 37 kW
  • Maximum Grain Size : 60-75 mm
Mixing Blades & Wearing Plates
  • Mixing Blade : Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)
  • Stripping Blade : Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)
  • Internal Wearing : HARDOX 450 
  • Ni-Hard 4 : In all SEMIX Concrete Mixers, Ni-Hard 4 alloys are being used in mixer blades. NiHard4 is a white cast iron product with nickel and chromium alloying, to give a hard chromium carbide in a martensitic matrix. This structure is ideal for products under conditions of high abrasiveness and high impaction conditions.
Automatic Lubrication System
  • Lubrication : 4 Points Automatic Lubrication System SKF - LINCOLN (German)


Automatic lubrication system is integrated with the PLC and SCADA, the system periodically lubricates the necessary points and preventing from major problems. These systems use sensors to detect the level of lubricant present and dispense the appropriate amount automatically.

Mixer Chassis

The main chassis was built in compliance with international requirements with a transition height of 4,100 mm to 4,250 mm with high-quality steel components and outstanding workmanship. For maneuvering and filling the truck mixer with an average width of 5,000 mm, the main chassis offers great ease. A platform, handrails, and stairs are built into the main chassis.

Supports of the chassis: UNP & INP profiles with extra cross braces

Weighing Hoppers
  • Cement Weighing Capacity : 600 kg
  • Cement Weighing Load-cells : 3 units 500 kg 
  • Water Weighing Capacity : 300 kg
  • Water Weighing Load-cells : 2 units 500 kg
  • Additive Weighing Capacity : 1 x 20 lt (optional 2 to 4 additional hoppers)
  • Additive Weighing Load-cells : 1 unit 100 kg


Weighing Hopper Equipments
  • Cement Discharge Valve: Ø 150 mm Butterfly Type - WAM (Italy)
  • Cement Hopper Vibrator: 1 unit - OLI (Italy)
  • Water Discharge Valve: Ø 100 Butterfly Type mm - WAM (Italy)
  • Additive Discharge Valve: 1 Unit - 1 ½” ball valve with actuator
Aggregate Weighing Conveyor

Rubber Belt Conveyor: EP125, 4 layered

Vibrator: 1 unit, WAM-OLI (Italy)

Motor Power: 11 kW three phase electric motor.

Drive drum: Bolted shaft design for easy maintenance.

Skip Hoist

Volume: 1.2 m³

Motor Power: 15 kW three phase electrical motor

Aggregate Storage Silos

- Storage Capacity: 3-4 (bins) x 10-15 m³ = 40-60 m³

- Shape of the design: Square type or Inline storage hoppers

- Pneumatic Pistons: 4 Pistons, Festo (Germany)

- Pneumatic Valves: 4 Valves, Festo (Germany)

- Vibrators: 2 Vibrators located at the middle of discharging hatches with

strengthened plate, MVE 200/3 WAM-OLI (ITALY)

- Sheet Metal: 4 + 4 milimeters S235JR steel:

-Strenghtened with the extra sheet weldments for back-up.

-Trapezoidal bending process for increasing the durability

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