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Compact 30

Compact 30

Transportation have never been easier with SEMIX Compact 30 Concrete Batching Plants.

Overview of the Compact Concrete Batching Plant

Model : Compact 30 Concrete Batching Plant

Theoretical Production Capacity : 30 m³/h (30 seconds of mixing, C20 type of Concrete)*

Aggregate Storage Bins : 4 bins total 32 m³ storage capacity

Mixer Capacity : 0.5 m³ compacted Concrete per batch

Total Electrical Power: 60 kW , 50 Hz Frequency


*Technical changes can be made after the final examination of the engineering department.

Designed For Small Areas

SEMIX Compact type batching plants are designed for limited spaces. Our engineering team succeeded to install compact type batching plant into undermine tunnel. Thanks to its' modular design, SEMIX Compact Concrete Batching Plants can fit very small areas.

Ready To Go Anywhere With A Single Container

SEMIX C30 Compact Concrete Batching plant is designed for overseas customers to decrease freight costs. It can be shipped with just one container.

0,5 m³ Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

Dry Filling Capacity: 750 L / 0,75 m³

Compacted Concrete Capacity Per Batch: 500 L / 0,5 m³

Motor Power: 18.5 kW 

Blades & Wearings

Mixing Blade: Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)
Stripping Blade: Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)
Internal Wearing: HARDOX 450 

In all SEMIX Concrete Mixers, Ni-Hard 4 alloys are being used in mixer blades. NiHard4 is a white cast iron product with nickel and chromium alloying, to give a hard chromium carbide in a martensitic matrix. This structure is ideal for products under conditions of high abrasiveness and high impaction conditions.

Gear Chain: Sphero Casting Gear with SKF Chains

With the user-friendly design, gearbox and shaft maintenances can be done easily.

Mixing Shaft: 1 pcs. mixing shafts made of 42CrMo4 manufactured with high precision machining equipment.

Rotating Speed: 22-25 RPM

Hydraulic Power Pack: Equipped with 1.0 kW motor with pressure switch and manual pump

Automatic Lubrication: SKF-Lincoln (Germany – USA), 4 point lubrication system

Discharging Gate: Hydraulically driven discharging gate with 3 stage opening mechanism

Cabling: Pre-wired to the IP55 distribution box which located on the main chassis. Additional emergency stop button located

on the mixer.

Paint: Jotun (Norway) , 1 primary 1 final coating 180 microns

Surface of the mixer treated with the Grit Blasting process in SEMIXʼs certified grit blasting facility before the painting

with steel balls. This method provides high surface finish quality after the painting.

Product Gallery
Weighing Hoppers

Cement Weighing Capacity

300 kgs

Cement Weighing Load-cells

3 units

Water Weighing Capacity

200 kgs

Water Weighing Load-cells

2 units

Additive Weighing Capacity

20 lt

Additive Weighing Load-cells

1 unit
Cement Weighing Capacity:
300 kgs
Cement Weighing Load-cells:
3 units
Water Weighing Capacity:
200 kgs
Water Weighing Load-cells:
2 units
Additive Weighing Capacity:
20 lt
Additive Weighing Load-cells:
1 unit
Weighing Hopper Equipments

Cement Discharge Valve

Ø 150 mm Butterfly Type - WAM (Italy)

Cement Hopper Vibrator

1 unit - OLI (Italy)

Water Discharge Valve

Ø 100 Butterfly Type mm - WAM (Italy)

Additive Discharge Valve

1 Unit - 1 ½” ball valve with actuator
Cement Discharge Valve:
Ø 150 mm Butterfly Type - WAM (Italy)
Cement Hopper Vibrator:
1 unit - OLI (Italy)
Water Discharge Valve:
Ø 100 Butterfly Type mm - WAM (Italy)
Additive Discharge Valve:
1 Unit - 1 ½” ball valve with actuator
Aggregate Weighing Conveyor

Size: 500 x 3895 mm

Load Cells: 4 x 1000 kgs

Rubber Belt Conveyor: EP125, 4 layered

Vibrator: 1 unit, WAM-OLI (Italy)

Motor Power: 4 kW three phase electric motor.

Drive drum: Bolted shaft design for easy maintenance.

Skip Hoist

Volume: 0.8 m³

Motor Power: 7.5 kW three phase electrical motor

Aggregate Storage Silos

- Storage Capacity: 4 x 8 m³ = 32 m³

- Shape of the design: Square type storage hoppers

- Pneumatic Pistons: 4 Pistons, Festo (Germany)

- Pneumatic Valves: 4 Valves, Festo (Germany)

- Vibrators: 2 Vibrators located at the middle of discharging hatches with

strengthened plate, MVE 200/3 WAM-OLI (ITALY)

- Sheet Metal: 4 + 4 milimeters S235JR steel:

-Strenghtened with the extra sheet weldments for back-up.

-Trapezoidal bending process for increasing the durability

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