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What is Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer ?

Axis of Rotation

In Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers, each shaft rotates in opposite directions, hence collision between the mixing blades will be prevented. Each shaft rotated by a bevel gearbox which is driven by an electric motor. 

Gearbox & Motor

Electric motors are coupled with a belt-pulley mechanism which is driving the input shaft of gearbox. With their eccentricty gearboxes are providing counter-axis rotation. Output shaft will rotate the main shafts of mixers where the mixing blades located.

Mixing The Concrete

Twin shaft concrete mixer is starting mixing process when materials -cement, aggregate, water, additives - flows into mixing drum. Mixer forms a spiral movement for better homogeneity of concrete. Mixing process continues according to required mixing time for the recipe. With the scraper blades which have been located at the initial and final point of shafts, all of the concrete will be collected and get ready for the discharging process.

Discharging The Concrete

When the required mixing time reached, the discharging gate will be signaled from the PLC of the concrete batching plant. All SEMIX Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers are equipped with hydraulic discharging gates which provide a high-controlled accurate 3 staged discharging. 3 staged door opening prevents from high concrete accumulation over-discharging. 


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