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SEMIX Mobile 60 (Ilyinskoe-Usovo)


Moscow region, Ilyinskoe-Usovo settlement


construction of a residential quarter


Mobile Concrete Plant Semix 60, cement silo 75 tons - 2 sets, inert material delivery system, winter cladding, heating registers, parogenerator, car scales.

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Features of the project

The construction of a residential quarter in the settlement of Ilyinskoe-Usovo presented several unique challenges that required specialized solutions. One of the key features of the project was the use of a mobile concrete plant, specifically the Semix-60 Capitan model, to provide a consistent and reliable source of concrete for the building process.

The Semix-60 Capitan mobile concrete plant is a highly versatile and efficient piece of equipment, capable of producing a wide range of concrete grades to meet the specific needs of the project. Its compact size and mobility make it an ideal choice for construction sites, particularly those with limited space or challenging terrain.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the mobile concrete plant during the winter months, it was equipped with climate control equipment and a parogenerator. The parogenerator, a device that generates steam, was used to keep the concrete at the necessary temperature for proper curing. Additionally, car scales were installed on the site to ensure accuracy in accounting for the materials used.

Overall, the use of the Semix-60 Capitan mobile concrete plant, along with the supporting equipment and systems, played a crucial role in the successful construction of the residential quarter.

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