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SEMIX Mobile 60 (Domedovo)

Moscow region, Domodedovo


sale of commercial concrete


Mobile Concrete Plant Semix Mobile 60, silo equipment 2 sets

Semix Global
Features of the project

The project involves the sale of commercial concrete within a specific region of the Moscow region. In order to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of concrete, a mobile concrete plant, specifically the Semix-60  model, was ordered, along with two sets of silo equipment.

The Semix-60 mobile concrete plant is a highly versatile and efficient piece of equipment, capable of producing a wide range of concrete grades to meet the specific needs of the project. Its compact size and mobility make it an ideal choice for construction sites, particularly those with limited space or challenging terrain.

The project area includes the Moscow Ring Road, as well as the Simferopol Highway, Kashirskoye Highway, M4 "DON" Highway, and the Novoryazanskoye Highway. The mobile concrete plant will be used to provide concrete within these boundaries, ensuring that construction projects in the region have access to a reliable and high-quality source of concrete.

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