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Compact Concrete Plant Installation in Bashkortostan, Russia.

Transportation of the Compact Concrete Batching Plant

SEMIX's Compact Concrete Plant C30 has been developed to be carried by a single standard truck, which makes it easily transportable. With the plant's compact size and low weight, transportation is no longer an obstacle for any construction company.  One of SEMIX's goals is to make their products easier to install, making it easy for customers to take advantage of their plant's capacity.

Single Shaft Mixer on Action

The SEMIX C30 is a compact concrete plant that has a single shaft mixer with a production capacity of 0.5 cubic meter per batch. The plant can produce up to 40 cubic meters of concrete per hour. This machine can produce concrete mixes in high quality and has the capacity to take on challenging projects such as bridge construction or large-scale engineering works. The low maintenance, compact design, and low running costs make this machine suitable for any company.

Small Area is All You Need for SEMIX C30

There was a time when there were many large factories and plants that used to produce concrete. But now, the SEMIX C30 Compact Concrete Plant has been developed which can turn a small open areas into a concrete producing factory. The design for this plant was based on feedback from customers who wanted to reduce the amount of space needed for their plants. This plant covers only 100 m² and can produce 40 cubic meters of concrete per hour without any pollution. This new plant saves space and reduces environmental issues for this type of factory.

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